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Welcome to Giant Rentals, the leading name in film and TV production equipment rental in Auckland and across New Zealand. Our wide-ranging selection of top-notch equipment provides you with a one-stop solution for all your production needs. From the essential to the specialized, we have something for every project, big or small.

Local Expertise

Our in-depth understanding of Auckland's film and TV production landscape sets us apart from the rest.


Our diverse range of equipment and flexible rental packages are designed to cater to your project's unique needs.

Customer Support

Our dedicated team is available to assist with any inquiries, ensuring that your production runs as smoothly as possible.

Van Rentals

Fleet of Modern, Reliable Vans

When it comes to transporting your crew, equipment, or props, you need a vehicle you can count on. Our fleet of modern, spacious vans are the perfect solution. Well- maintained and equipped with the latest safety features, our vans ensure a smooth ride from point A to point B.

Price List

Explore our comprehensive price list to find the best rental options that suit your needs. From heavy-duty equipment to versatile vehicles, Giant Rentals offers competitive pricing on a wide array of quality solutions. Our PDF guide provides detailed pricing information to help you plan your project with transparency and confidence. For any custom requirements or special packages, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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About us

Greetings from Giant Rentals—the undisputed champion of rental companies in New Zealand, the business so mighty we had to add "Giant" to our name! Think of us as the Swiss Army knife of rentals; versatile, reliable, and able to crack open a bottle of your favorite brew after a hard day's work. (Metaphorically speaking, of course—our equipment tends to frown on multitasking with alcohol.)

Once Upon a Time in Eden Terrace...

Founded in 2011 as Locations Central by the dynamic trio of Stefan, Rory, and Tana, we were born from a simple idea: the film and TV industry in New Zealand deserved a rental company that was both reliable and didn't act like a robot programmed to say 'no'. Stefan and Rory, being old hands at the production game, knew exactly what the industry was missing. So, with a sprinkle of ambition and a dash of moxie, we open the doors to our new spot in the bustling Eden Terrace of Auckland—a locale so central, you'd think we planned it that way.

The Rebirth:

From Locations Central to GIANT RENTALS

Flash forward to 2020, and we decided it was time for a makeover. You know how superheroes sometimes need a new costume to keep kicking butt? Yeah, it was kind of like that. We donned a new identity: Giant Rentals. But then, of course, COVID-19 waltzed in uninvited. No worries, though. We took that 'pause button' as an opportunity for some introspection. We huddled (virtually), brainstormed, and envisioned a GIANT future. And so, in 2021, we emerged from our metaphorical cocoon as the all-new, all-awesome Giant Rentals.

Today: A Smorgasbord of Offerings

Here we are now, your go-to for anything and everything you might need to rent. Whether it's vehicles, lighting towers, party equipment, or even scaffolding for those sky-high ambitions, we've got it. We're not just about film and TV anymore; we're wooing industries across the board in New Zealand. Heck, if we could rent out happiness, we would. But for now, our top-notch equipment and service will have to do.

So, are you ready

to make your life exponentially easier with a dash of GIANT magic? Get in touch today, and let's turn your vision into reality, one rental at a time.

Contact Address

111 Newton Rd, Eden Terrace Auckland 1010 New Zealand
(At loading dock around the rear of the building)